Booking Plugin with PayPal & Stripe Payments Feature

With the BookCron, you can integrate the world’s most popular payment systems into your Appointment Booking system: PayPal, Stripe and Local payment methods.

Why is their integration so important?

These payment gateways are the most used and most popular payment systems globally because they are the most secure payment instruments globally.

Online payments are significant for automating your system and your service quality to your customers. Therefore, the more reliable and popular the online payment system you use, the higher the number of online payments.

To integrate PayPal, Stripe to BoookCron, you need to go to General Settings  Payment settings  Payment methods and enable proper settings. After this step, the only thing you need to do is enter your account information related to these payment gateways. After your customers complete their payments, their appointments are completed and recorded in their system.

It is also possible to set specific payment methods only for specific services. Thus, you can allow your customers to make a payment with cash on some services, and for other services, you can set desired payment gateways as a payment option.

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